Accessories and clothing for the special little people in our lives.

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The Perfect Gift

Hello! & firstly thank-you so much for visiting our online shop!

Peaches Bambino was established during my early motherhood journey, night feeding every two hours to my very own little ‘Peaches!’ (River Peaches). I always had a creative flair & an urge to be a successful entrepreneur, I just wasn’t quite sure how. Having a very special little person dependant on me, made me determined to discover this some more!

Fast forward a few months of more night feeding/thinking, winging motherhood & having the best time, my River Peaches became quite a style icon in her little babyhood! Keeping these particular styles up, finding anything suitably adorable & usually featuring something grey (admittedly!) became quite a task. I found the market & need in my hometown of Cheltenham for more funky leggings, stylish bandana bibs, gorgeous hair accessories, & just fashionable, reasonably priced, comfortable baby clothing for our ‘mini me’s’. And so Peaches Bambino was born!

We are trying to grow our small business so please tell your friends & family, get in contact & give us any feedback. But most importantly please have fun, stay happy, get messy (but wash carefully!) & make some memories with your new purchase & your little loves. Isn’t being a parent the best thing in the world?

Ruby x

With your help we can grow, get better & help make our dream an even bigger success.

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